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All people are looking for love, joy and harmony in their own way. Everyone wants us to be loved for who we are. Everyone wants to be confirmed and accepted as the unique individual we are.


Intuition is the voice of the heart. Intuition is our inner teacher and guide. Intuition means to learn to listen to the silent whisperings of our heart. Intuition basically means to develop a trust in ourselves.


Healing is a quality that we can freely share with us without ownership. Healing is not something we can claim ourselves, but healing is to be a medium, a channel, for the whole.


These meditation exercises are ways to make meditation a way to WARE with ourselves and with others in a quality of perceptive awareness, acceptance, condemnation and relaxation. 

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The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life – mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical.

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The concept of Trinity


Christians believe in the concept of Trinity, and this is quite a confusing topic for many people because Christians say that they believe in monotheism but they also say that they believe in Trinity, where there are three distinct persons, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit . Trinity is het concept waar er drie personen zijn maar ze zijn allemaal één essentie. Nowhere in the Bible is it recorded that trinity is tritheism. Faderen, Son og den Hellige Ånd, er ikke det samme, men de er tre forskjellige ting i en substans kaldet Gud.

One God, Three Persons: Trinity explains how there is only one God and he exists externally as three different persons, ie, the father, son and the Holy Spirit . The Bible speaks about all the three are indicate that all are different persons but of the same substance. In the Bible, we see how the Father sent the Son to the earth and how the Son of God was crucified on the Cross, and now we have the Holy Spirit with us in the world.

When Jesus was on the earth we read in the Bible that he prayed many times to God the Father; Dette betyr ikke at han beder til sig selv som Gud Faderen er en annen person. Soms is de Heilige Geest beschouwd als meer van een kracht dan een persoon, maar de Heilige Geest is niet een ”het” maar een persoon.

A dove in the sky

Én af de vanlige fouten gemaakt door mensen is dat ze denken dat de vader werd de zoon en de zoon werd de Heilige Geest. Men vi trenger å forstå at Gud har alltid vært der og han vil være der evigt. Der var aldrig en tid da en af ​​de tre personer aldrig eksisterte. Alt de tre eksisterte på samme tid, og de vil eksistere som tre personer evig.

Hver av de tre personer er helt god:
Siden det er tre personer i begrepet Trinity, betyr det ikke at hver person er 1 / 3rd of God. Hver og hver person er Gud som en helhet , og Bibelen er meget klart om alle de tre personer som er 100% Gud. In de geschriften lezen we over hoe er slechts één God bestaat, en dit God bestaat in er personen. The Trinity is again not a contradiction as there is only one God and he is one in essence and three in person.

De tre personer eksisterer i en guddommelig væsen og består av samme essens av Gud. The concept of the Trinity is confusing and difficult to understand, but as Christians, it is important for us to learn about this concept and understand the existence of three people but in one essence. Det er også svært viktig at forstå de forskjellige roller Trinity når vi ber så at vi vil ha en bedre forbindelse med Gud og forstå ham bedre.

Proof the God Exists


We always believe in what we see. We have our own sciences and try to explain everything that happens on this earth with science. But there are certain concepts which we simply cannot see and explain with science. Our universe contains many things, and most of it is beyond our imagination. Just because you cannot see God, it does not mean that he is not there. Here is when the concept of faith takes over science. There are many ways to prove that God does exist but before that ask yourself if you really want to know God. If yes, then the following are some of the points to show you that God does exist.

The creation of the universe:
Everyone is keen on explaining the concept of the big bang theory, but everyone gets into confusion when they are asked where that huge bang originated. Our is perfectly designed, and each planet is placed in its orbit, and it goes around the sun. There has to be a perfect designer who created this universe and made those planets to behave in that manner. The earth is placed at a perfect distance from the sun, and it has everything that you need to hold life. It has an atmosphere protecting it and all the gases that are needed to sustain life. No other planet is of the perfect size, and all these do not seem like it happened with just a huge bang in the sky.



The human brain:
Humans are classified as animals. We may pose many qualities of an animal, but we have something called as the sixth sense. We can think, talk, analyse, reason, question and love. How many animals do you think can do all these things? A human being superior does not mean that we are more evolved than the rest of the animals; it is because we are created in that manner. The human brain is designed so beautifully that it can process millions of messages in just a second. Your brain allows you to filter out data and lets you focus on the things you need the most. It makes you feel physical touch and the mental pain when someone hurts you. Such delicate things cannot be an evolution; it has to be from a creator who created us in his own image.

The laws of nature:
Most of us would have learnt science while growing up and we say that a particular thing is happening because nature follows a set of rules and everything happens by that rule. But why does the entire universe have to follow that rule? The universe is so orderly, and there has to be a designer who made these rules and commanded the world to follow the rules to maintain order.

DNA code:
Every cell in our body has detailed instruction and just like how you would program in a computer, these DNA instructions in our cell tell our cell to act in a particular manner. There is no explanation to as of how DNA information is so precise.

Keys to Live a Spiritual Life


Most of us get quite confused about the term spirituality; we associate it with many things and make it more complicated. Spirituality is more of inspiration we find in life and the process of understanding the difference between material things and eternal love. It is about the strength you get to raise up each time you fall and being grateful for everything you have in life. So if you are searching for a meaning in life, you can embrace the below three points to give you clarity to lead a better spiritual life.

Embrace each moment in life:
We humans often have the habit of sitting in the present and thinking of how wonderful our past was. It is not a bad thing to remember the past, but while thinking about the past, we forget to live the present. The same thing applies to the future; we constantly worry about the uncertainty we need to face in life and fear that our future will turn out to be a disaster. One thing most of us do not understand is that what we do now in the present will affect our future. So choose if you are going to whine about the uncertainty of the future or be productive now to have a good future. There are so many things we miss out in life thinking of the past and the future. Thus it is very important to embrace the present.


Put your family first:
Sometimes we get engulfed by various things that happen in our life, and we completely forget about our family. You might have had a tiring day at work but when you go back home to your family, leave all your work and tension and be with your family. The love that is shared within a family is both endless and selfless, and one must never give up his family for anything else. Give a call to your mom or dad once a while and you will feel that happiness in you which you cannot get anywhere else.

Be kind and compassionate:
With the world getting so competitive each day, we strive hard to be better than the rest so that we can lead a better life. But this competition has turned us crazy, and we completely lost the sense of being compassionate with one another. If you often feel that no one is kind to you, take a moment and think if you are kind to other. Only when we show our love to others, we can expect that from others. Treat others just the way you would want to be treated by them, and it is also very important to be polite and humble. Never degrade or underestimate another person just because they do not have as much as opportunities as you do. Treat everyone alike, and you will feel the happiness in you.

How to lead a spiritual life


The definition of leading a spiritual life is quite different to everyone. For some, it might be quietly meditating or going to a religious place, but for others, it might be being true to themselves. Being spiritual does not mean that you have to follow a strict set of rules but is more of how you learn to control yourself and reflect on your character. By becoming spiritual, you understand who you are and your purpose on this earth. In the process of leading a spiritual life, you will learn about eternity, God and the state of being in pure bliss. The following are some of the ways to lead a spiritual life:

Love yourself:
One of the essential things to do in life is to love yourself, and by loving yourself it does not mean that you have more money or power than someone else, so you need to love yourself more, it is about how you love yourself so that you will be a better person in the world. When you start to love yourself, you will let go of all the bitterness in your life, and this will suppress all the anger in you. It is important to first forgive ourselves as all of us are humans, and we are bound to make mistakes.

Do not take the world too seriously:
The world is just a temporary place, and all of us will go to an eternal place after we die and thus try not to give more importance to worldly things. There are so much chaos and confusion in this world, and it can deeply affect us in many ways. Being upset all the time is going to make you feel miserable, and thus you cannot get attached to this world. Death and pain are certain to all of us, but that does not mean that we cannot have happiness in our life. Always try to lead a positive life and you will be able to get back up each time you fall.



Be thankful:
In life, there are so many things to be thankful. Instead of whining about how horrible your day is, you can be grateful for the things you have. To start with, you can be thankful for the food you eat every day and the love you get from your family and friends. Most of the times we tend to forget to be grateful to our family and loved ones and take them for granted. It is only in their absence we truly understand their love and care.

Treat others as you would treat yourself:
The world is turning so competitive, and we often forget the meaning of humanity. We hurt each other and bring down our clan so that we can go up in life; this is a bad practice, and we must learn to be polite and treat everyone with kindness and love.

How to free yourself with Spirituality


All of us in life are struck down with so much pain and guilt; we often find ourselves in a corner worrying about the things we have done in life and the things that will happen to us in the future. When worries cloud our mind, we start to question the existence of God and try to find answers, and when we don’t find answers, we channel all our pain and guilt into something which we should not be doing. If you happen to be wrestling with your life, there is one thing that you need to understand- In life nothing is certain, and pain is a part of it. The only thing you can do is forgive yourself and get back up on your feet no matter what the circumstances are. You need to make changes in your life so that you can. The following are some of the changes you can make to free yourself from any bondage:

Release guilt:
We are constantly worried if our actions are right or wrong. As humans, we all have made mistakes, and we are bound to make mistakes, but that does not mean that you are a bad person. It is natural to regret about something we had done but to sit in that same condition forever is not good. No matter what the mistake is, you need to let go of the guilt that haunts you and free yourself. By releasing guilt it does not mean that you forget about what had happened, but it is about letting go of the pain and turmoil and getting back up on your feet.


Recreate yourself:
A broken heart can always be fixed. If you feel that there are certain habits which you need to stop then slowly try to stop them. Engage yourself in good practices and start to do what you love the most. Try to sit down and analyse why you are in this position and figure out ways to make your life better. Always focus on the greater power who has created you and remember that you have a purpose in your life. Embrace God, and you will understand the meaning of life.


Be mindful of life:
We often find ourselves focusing on things which mask the truth, and we let disappointments to crush us. When you are in this situation, you need to find an opportunity to heal and get back up on your feet. Try to be mindful in observing everything and appreciate the little things in life. When you learn to be grateful for the things around you, you will feel satisfied. If you are having a bad day, try to focus on the little things in life which make you happy and count all the blessings you have got in life. Everybody faces pain in life but that does not mean that they crumble and fall altogether, they get back up and face the world again and you can do the same.

Facts to disprove the evolution theory

Disproving Evolution

We all know about Charles Darwin’s evolution theory on how the creatures on the earth had evolved from a single-celled organism. Basically what Darwin is trying to say is that it is not God who created the Earth but life arose from non-life and later developed into complex life forms. In other words, you were first a tiny cell then became an amoeba and then a small lizard, and then a monkey and now you are a human. Sounds funny! But Darwin made sure to provide various proofs which convinced many people but there were certain things which he could never explain, and this is where the picture of the existence of God comes. The following are some of the things which disprove evolution theory:

Fossils prove that many transitions between creatures are not related, and many evolutionists say that those creatures have a common ancestry. Fossils constantly disprove the theory of evolution and Darwin himself couldn’t provide many answers for many paleontological enigmas.

Evolution cannot provide evidence:
Most of the evolutionists make assumptions, and they do not have much evidence to support the statements they make. If they say that animals are constantly evolving, there must have been a better version of cat or a dog or any animal. We don’t find any changes, and there is no evidence for the gradual change, and we can even see it in the fossils. Most of the evolutionist assume certain things would have happened and generalised things, but they do not provide justifying evidence. Darwin’s book is filled with clauses such as could, possibly, perhaps and it is just a theory that he came up with and it is impossible to test this theory as it would take a million years.

Disproving Evolution


Only life can produce life:
Through biogenesis, we understand that only life can produce life and there is no way in which non-living things could have the possibility of getting life.

Symbiotic relationship:
All forms of life on the earth have a symbiotic relationship where one has to depend on the other for various things. For example, bees depend on plants for nectar and plants need bees for pollination. Both depend on each other for its survival. The thing we need to question about here is how did plants exist without bees and how did the bees exist without the plants. The answer is quite simple for this question; there was a creator who created both of them at the same time.

Complex engineering:
Living things can perform multiple functions and evolution has never been able to explain why living things are able to do complex things at the same time. Something which can perform complex tasks at the same time cannot possibly arise from a random evolution process. Our human body has so many functions, and our DNA is very complex, and there is no way that we just evolved from a single-celled organism.

What is the role of philosophy in spirituality?


Scholarly logic has, to a vast degree, turn into an excessively intellectualized, dynamic, and frequently self-important corruption of what reasoning was initially expected to be about; in any event on the off chance that we pass by what left Ancient Greece’s brilliant time of rationality. I would dare to state that numerous scholars and teachers of theory, who are frequently called ‘savants’ don’t really fit the definition. In Socrates’ circumstances, individuals who played out these administrations for cash were called ‘sophists’ and got judgment from the savants. Nonetheless, it would not be down to earth or sensible for us to denounce entirely scholarly rationalists of today in a similar way given the substances of our reality. They, truth be told, are doing respectable work in instruction. Yet, it is essential to comprehend the vital contrasts between the theory we frequently observe communicated as a scholastic subject in our schools, and the connected living logic of the antiquated rationalists.

The vast majority know the word logic signifies ”love of shrewdness”. On the off chance that we recollect that insight isn’t the same as learning, at that point a scholar isn’t somebody who basically gushes off specialized language and name-drops masterminds of the past. Or maybe, fundamentally, a logician is a man who asks, ”What is being insightful, and how might I be smarter?” More particularly, whenever you are asking ”what will be?”, ”what should be?” or ”how would I know possibly?” you are doing theory, or some subset of it.


All the more imperatively, a scholar is somebody who accomplishes more than think and talk – suppositions are very common and matter close to nothing. Be that as it may, logicians additionally act as indicated by that knowledge and look to make their lives a living case of it. Having a degree in logic from a college doesn’t make you a scholar; nor does composing books, having a high IQ, or knowing a considerable measure of incidental data about philosophical history. Expanded learning will undoubtedly occur as we seek after knowledge and degrees can be one approach to help with that. In any case, it is the seeking after of insight and living an astute, principled, reliable, and analyzed life that makes you a logician.

In this sense, when theory is honed as a way of life, it will personally associate with our otherworldly existence. In the event that Spirituality is tied in with concentrating on the basic things in life so as to develop ourselves for more prominent thriving, at that point this is impossible without sound and steady logic. This is the reason conventions, for example, Stoicism and Buddhism are the two methods of insight, and additionally religious and profound ways. With a sound philosophical supporting, our practices bode well – associating our comprehension of the world with how we live in it, and giving the reason behind that arrangement of training and the objective it is intended to accomplish. One may state logic is the outline, profound practice is the development, an existence very much lived is the building, and thriving is the home – and the greater part of this is of what our deep sense of being comprises.

What are the benefits of Spirituality?


Spiritualism – a look for something unexplored – is an inexorably critical point to individuals today. Mensen benaderen het domein van meest diepgaande zin van zijnde door religie, contemplatie, yoga, of even individuele reflectie.

Den trening del implies bare at: Du gjør det dag for dag, igjen og igjen, ikke horribly, men i stedet for at dette er det, der gør-mig-min identitets måde. Without the point of regular halting with it, you rehearse as commitment to your consistently unfurling life on this planet. Det kan føles fantastisk og overbevisende, frightening og anguishing, irriterende, vexing, exhausting as damnation eller som vanlig og standard som børsting dine tenner. Most importantly it is your stone, a definitive mollifying column, enduring and unbelievably. Het verandert de individuen in de volgende manier:

De er tankefulle:
Brainforskning har vist at tilbudt takk er relatert med mange positive følelser, for eksempel god tro, å være liberal med tiden og eiendeler, og generell nødvendighet. Most profound sense of being urges individuals to be certain, which could be communicated in huge numbers of these life rehearses.

They are caring:
Encountering empathy towards others is one of the most grounded associates with carrying on with a profound life. Een assortiment van positieve of master sociale gevoelens heeft goede verbindingen met mystiek, waaronder het mogelijk maken om de overzichtelijke details over het dagelijks leven te vergeten en een gander bij de wereld door middel van compassionate ogen.

They prosper a lot:
Deep sense of being is connected to many imperative parts of human working – otherworldly individuals have positive connections, high confidence, are idealistic, and have significance and reason throughout everyday life.



They are self-complete:
Profound people endeavor toward a superior life and think about self-awareness and satisfaction as a focal objective. De meeste diepgaande zin van het bestaan ​​kan worden gedacht als een weg naar zelf-voltooiing, omdat het verwacht dat individuen zich centraal stellen op hun innerlijke waarden en werken op het verbeteren van als een persoon.

De stiller som en mulighed for at føle seg vellykkede møter: Folk som respekterer mest dybdegående følelse av å være satt til side som mulighet til å tenke på deres daglige daglige øvelser og til slutt
form enduring recollections of their encounter. Siden andre verdenskunder er mere opmærksomme på små, daglige daglige øvelser, møder de positive følelser i forhold til lidt lidt glæder i hverdagen.

What it looks like?
Den idé om dybfølelse af at være baseret på moral, værdier, inspiration, arbejde / livsjustering og administrationskomponenter af en forening. Profound associations are worried about helping workers create and achieve their opportunities. De er dessutom bekymret om tending to problemer som er gjort ved arbejdslivets sammenstøt. Det potensiale for en accentuering på dybfølelse af at være at gøre nogle få repræsentanter er uro er åbenlyst til stede. Faultfinders contend that associations should not force otherworldly esteems on workers. Deze feedback is zonder twijfel substantieel wanneer de meeste diepgaande zin van wezen wordt gekenmerkt als het brengen van religie en God in de werkomgeving. I alle tilfælde ser feedbacken sig mindre om objektiv er begrænset til at hjælpe repræsentanter i at finde betydning i deres arbejdsliv.

De problematiske spørgsmål om dårlige følelser og fordeler er gode bestemmelsessteder, som er ubestrideligt anvendelige for enhver i business. The confirmation, albeit restricted, shows that the two destinations might be particularly perfect. A few examinations show that in associations that have brought the most profound sense of being into the work environment have seen improved efficiency, reduced turnover, more noteworthy representative fulfillment and expanded authoritative duty.

Spirituality v/s Religion


Being religious means having a place with a set up religious request, regardless of whether extensive or little. This incorporates religions with billions of followings such a Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. What’s more, those with significantly littler gathering of supporters, for example, Bahaism, Zoroastrianism and Judaism? Notwithstanding, most magical orders are additionally religious, as they revere similar divinities and bow to an indistinguishable prophets and symbols from their base religion. For instance there is no Hindu magical custom as an independent articulation from the huge Hinduism religion, on the grounds that those littler orders keep on worshiping similar Gods, for example, Krishna or Shiva as whatever remains of the Hindus, the main distinction is that they regularly include one more symbol who happens to be their faction pioneer, however at their center they are simply Hindus.

Deep sense of being is the point at which you have raised yourself from that of a slaved brain to an enabled mind. When you are changed from one who asks through life to one who is confident. Profound individuals have found there is just a single genuine power and that is inside them and it doesn’t originate from an old man with a facial hair pointing a figure.


An otherworldly individual realizes that a straightforward idea that may have been satisfactory to crude homosepians of hundreds or thousands of years back, has zero importance to the present complex and significantly more lifted people. Otherworldly individual realizes that there is just a single truth and they are in actuality accountable for their own development and fate. They additionally realize that nothing is ”composed” and every one of our fates are moulded by our wants and the energy of our psyches.

The same is valid with Sufis. Sufis are just a sub-order of Islam and they revere an indistinguishable God and symbols from their considerably bigger religion. In short on the off chance that you bow to or perceive a divinity or a God, being as a stone, a photo or a statue or whether you bow to an imperceptible God, you are not otherworldly, you are religious. All yoga bunches today in the West, as long as they venerate the Hindu Gods are religious and have a place with Hinduism and absolutely not otherworldly.


Numerous adherents of religion feel that exclusive their way can prompt salvation. They have gigantic confidence in their own religion, however in the meantime, they feel different religions aren’t right. In this way, they can feel a need to change over others to their confidence. Religion and deep sense of being do evoke contrasts, yet in the meantime, they are simply terms and words. Deep sense of being and religion can be compatible. The limit amongst religion and deep sense of being is liquid. As opposed to a civil argument amongst religion and most profound sense of being, we could think about the contrast between human religion and heavenly religion.

Regardless of whether religion is great or awful, truly relies upon how it is honed and lived. Through after their religion, incredible holy people have accomplished the leafy foods of a mysterious way to deal with God. This incorporates Christian spiritualists, for example, St Teresa of Avila, St Francis of Assisi, and Sufi holy people like Rumi, Hafiz and Attar. Every religion has delivered otherworldly searchers of the most noteworthy request.

Spirituality at the workplace


A profound culture that perceives that representatives have both a brain and a soul trying to discover importance and purpose in their work, and want to associate with different representatives and be a piece of a group. What do associations, for example, Reckit and Coleman, Wipro, Dabur or Tata Tea have in similar manner? Blandt de forskellige attributterne er de blandt et utviklende antall foreninger som har grasped arbeidsmiljø mest dyptgående følelse av å være.

Work environment most profound sense of being is not about sorted out practices. It’s about religious philosophy of about one’s deep pioneer. Or maybe, working environment deep sense of being is tied in with perceiving that happens with regards to an authoritative group. Associations that advance an otherworldly culture perceive that representatives have both a psyche and a soul, look to discover significance and reason in their work, and want to interface with different representatives and be a piece of a group.

Why the accentuation?
Authentic models of administration had no room for deep sense of being. Disse modeller er normalt centreret på foreninger, der var effektivt fortsætte med at løbe uden følelser mod andre. Essentially, worry about a worker’s inward life had no part in overseeing associations. Men på samme måde som vi har kommet til at forstå, at undersøgelsen af ​​følelser forbedrer vores forståelse af, hvordan og hvorfor individer handler som de gør i foreninger, et kendskab med mest dybtgående følelse af at være, der kan gøre det bedre at forstå repræsentativt arbejde i den twenty first century association.
For example, The Indian self is found to have a noteworthy segment of deep sense of being, which has shown suggestions for their work environment exhibitions moral basic leadership or mentalities towards moral issues.

Meditating business partners

What it looks like?
Den idé om dybfølelse af at være baseret på moral, værdier, inspiration, arbejde / livsjustering og administrationskomponenter af en forening. Profound associations are worried about helping workers create and achieve their opportunities. De er dessutom bekymret om tending to problemer som er gjort ved arbejdslivets sammenstøt. Det potensiale for en accentuering på dybfølelse af at være at gøre nogle få repræsentanter er uro er åbenlyst til stede. Faultfinders contend that associations should not force otherworldly esteems on workers. Deze feedback is zonder twijfel substantieel wanneer de meeste diepgaande zin van wezen wordt gekenmerkt als het brengen van religie en God in de werkomgeving. I alle tilfælde ser feedbacken sig mindre om objektiv er begrænset til at hjælpe repræsentanter i at finde betydning i deres arbejdsliv.

De problematiske spørgsmål om dårlige følelser og fordeler er gode bestemmelsessteder, som er ubestrideligt anvendelige for enhver i business. The confirmation, albeit restricted, shows that the two destinations might be particularly perfect. A few examinations show that in associations that have brought the most profound sense of being into the work environment have seen improved efficiency, reduced turnover, more noteworthy representative fulfillment and expanded authoritative duty.