Some people believe in things which are not common and natural. In more scientific terms paranormal is anything which is beyond the standard scientific explanation. Even in this modern century, there is a big group of people who believe in these paranormal theories and practices. There are certain paranormal activities which can be explained as disturbances in mind. At the time these things happen because of damage of nerve cells which are connected to our eyes.

We have heard various reports of paranormal activity, though following the scientifically, the number of such stories seems to be mere illusion or result of some drugs and tricks. But few in numbers there are some real paranormal acts which happen in our day to day life, though most of these acts are subconsciously ignored by our mind, and those which are reported are entirely out of any explanation.

One such incident which happens with Laura, a psychic student with high skills, she can talk to the spirits and can tell the exact piece of the information from the past of an individual who died. Everyone is amazed at this, but there is no scientific explanation. Everyone is curious about paranormal activity and paranormal studies. There are so many groups who have announced various prize money for individual notifying paranormal activity.  

Paranormal is not only confined to the unexplained phenomenon, but it is a belief system. There are various branches of science dealing in multiple fields related to paranormal.  Some of the most common streams of science on paranormal subjects are:-


Psychology: – Psychology is the branch which deals with the individual belief system and there effects on human behaviour. This is the most active branch of science, working towards finding acceptable theories and validating various paranormal experiences. Psychologist help individual to understand paranormal events. In various studies and experiments, it has been observed that most of the people who experienced these paranormal events are having subjective belief system because of which even a simple scientific fact seems to be linked with paranormal activity.


Ufology: – Ufology is linked with the studies of paranormal activities by extra-terrestrial life. Many groups of scientist actively involved in the study of any extra-terrestrial life in our solar system. So many experiments and researches are carried out to establish the concrete proof of extra-terrestrial life.   


Parapsychology: – This is the branch of science which deals with the experiments on paranormal. Under parapsychology, the investigation is made on claims of paranormal activity, earlier in the 1970s it was a branch of high interest, but gradually it lost its importance on account of no supportive results on the paranormal study.

Though the topic of paranormal activities and its acceptance is still in a dilemma. People who believe in paranormal activities have a firm stand on such activities, and those who do not believe in paranormal phenomenon have scientific theories and explanation of such paranormal events. Even today there is controversy on the existence of paranormal phenomenon, but with various polls and researches, it has been confirmed that there exists a vast group which belief in paranormal activities.