Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

Since ages, Crystals showed a profound impact on humans. Crystals in the form of jewellery and ornaments were used from the beginning of the civilization. As society grew and developed various new ways and techniques to use crystals in daily life are introduced. One such use of crystal in the modern world is called crystal healing. This is a medical technique where a crystal is used to cure various diseases.

The theory behind the crystal healing is that every crystal and stone possess positive energy when these stones and crystals are used on the body their positive energy enters into the body, and negative energy is flushed out. These positive energies become the source of healing and protect an individual from various diseases.

Crystal healing is considered as an alternative medicine technique, in this technique various stones and crystals are placed on body correspondent to the chakras. These stones work on those chakras to give positive energy and balance the energy flow in the body. Though this method of healing lacks with any scientific explanation and research because of which modern doctors and scientist call this practice of crystal healing as a pseudoscience.

Scientifically there is still no evidence on the effect of crystal healing, but crystal healing has come up as prevalent alternative medicine. In the last few years, numbers of people who use crystal healing technique have increased. Various new spa and massage centres are opening on a daily basis those providing crystal healing therapies. These Spas and message centre add these crystals in their practices to add an extra component for relaxation of body and mind. These health clinics made the reach of crystal healing easy and affordable thus making it more popular.

Those who practice crystal healing technique say a lot on the benefits of these crystals and positive effect on the body. Various centres are working for the treatment of diseases, mostly crystal healing is advised for neurological and psychological ailments. The modern crystal healing technique is a combination of ancient Indian and Chinese alternate medical science. In this method, crystal and stones are placed on the specific chakras which are responsible for treating the particular diseases. Stones and crystals in this treatment are opted based on the illness and severity of the problem. There is also some text available from past 5000 years which shows that crystals were used to remove negative energy and illness.

Though people are sharing positive reviews on crystal healing doctors, believe that crystal healing is only a medium of relaxation and stress management. People get a mental impression that crystals are helping them to recover from illness though there is no real crystal healing. The positive effect on the body is only the outcome of stress management. People with a relaxed body and mind show more positive response towards medical treatment which help them recover from illness more quickly.

Though there is no evidence that Crystal healing can be used as a treatment for an illness but for sure it aids in the healing process. It helps in relaxing body and mind that bring more positivity.