10—Abilities Responsible for Creating Great Psychics

10—Abilities Responsible for Creating Great Psychics

It is a matter of huge debate that psychics are gifted or it is their innate talents that they develop from the abilities that almost all human beings have! We are not entering into any conflict here neither it is our intension to support any one of these ideas as we are strictly focusing on the 10 powerful psychic abilities that the declared psychics possess. With the help of these amazing powers they are helping people out for generations and over the times.

So, instead of wasting any more time, let’s take a quick look at the top- 10 Psychic abilities that the Psychics, tarot readers, fortune tellers and so as the clairvoyants also have—

Psychic Intuition—

As a matter of fact, all human beings are gifted with the sixth sense or the intuition but there are a few of them who actually nurture this power and elevate to the level of a psychic analyzer. This is an ability to sense and interpret the psychic energies by observing the aura of a person and by critically analyzing the situation.


Per the French term it means –“clear vision”. Psychics have the power to see things that normal human beings can’t. They see sudden flashes like images or a piece of any event even when they are not sleeping. These psychics are called as clairvoyants who interpret many unknown chapters of lives and events through the images and flashes they see.


This is a complex chapter in psychological studies. Many psychics are gifted with the ability of telepathy. Call it a mind reading that mostly helps to interpret the thoughts of animals and people who can’t talk-may be in a mode of coma or suffering from speech issues. It is believed that with the power of telepathy even the mind of distant people can also be read.


Known to be one of the strongest powers of psychic abilities–Telekinesis is the ability to move, bend or influence objects without physically touching it.

Psychic Mediumship—

There are many psychics who have the ability to connect between the spirits of the other world or it can be said the souls of the deceased. It is a power that not all the psychics have. Those who can work as a medium where the spirits enters their bodies and give answers to the questions that are asked.


The French term means “clear hearing”—thus psychics developing this ability can hear the voices from the third world-i.e. from the land of the spirits, sounds and noises of many such events and voices that general human beings can’t hear. This power helps during criminal investigations and during exorcism as well.


This is the ultimate power of the gut-feeling. In French—clairsentience means “clear-feeling”. Psychics with high powers and caliber with the help of this power get a feeling of place, thing, location and the aura of the people that they haven’t seen before.


This is an extreme form of psychic ability that contributes best in solving investigations. Mediums obtaining this power can see the history of any object of situation. Many murderers and criminals have been caught with the support of Psychometry.

Knowing the spirit guides—

Psychics should have the power for understanding the spirit guides. It’s important to make sure that they can interpret the guiding of the spirits that help in different ways by saying the truth. They are spirits so they can travel in any world whether living or dead.

Connecting with the higher self—

Strong connections with the higher-self that is usually attained by trance or deep meditation help the psychics to take important as well as life-changing decisions. Sometimes, with the help of this amazing power, psychics make wiser choices for their clients too.

So, these are the top 10 viable yet most powerful abilities tht psychics have to acquire before making predictions or telling the fortunes. Do want to get in touch with a psychic that actually have all of these abilities.